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You are invited to join the club (Free for 2021!)
The Orca DX and Contest Club (Orca DXCC) was established in 2010 to serve as a community open to all amateur radio operators primarily located in BC or the BC-Washington border region with an interest in DXing or contesting.

There are only a few membership requirements -- but we think they're important:

Requirement 1: You must be a licensed amateur radio operator Requirement 2: You have a strong interest in DXing or contesting Requirement 3: You pay the annual membership fee -- for 2021 the fee is $0. So, Requirement 3 doesn't apply this year!
The club endorses the DX Code of Conduct, and we ask that members review the code and strive to uphold its call for courtesy and respect for other operators at all times. You should also read the club's aims and principles to ensure they fit with your own aims.

That's about it! If you want to join a group of very active amateur radio operators keen on working the next DXpedition or contest, welcome.

Membership Renewal
Club members are reminded that annual dues are $0 this year. You don't have to do anything to renew or pay anything for 2021!

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Membership Dues

Annual membership dues for 2021 are $0 (yes, that's right -- zero dollars. Canadian.) In a normal year, dues are $24 payable in January, but for this year they are free.

Membership dues, which in a normal year are $24, help support the Orca DX and Contest Club operations. These include paying for meeting venues, membership communications (such as postage or teleconferencing when necessary), and club initiatives as approved by the membership or executive board.