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2016 BC QSO Party

Thanks to all participants in the 2016 BC QSO Party held Feb. 6-7!

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Orca Report -- February meeting
The February meeting included a recap od the BC QSO Party and a look at the 2009 K5D Desecheo DXpredition.

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Final results -- 2015 BC QSO Party

See how participants fared in the 2015 BC QSO Party...

Post-Contest Report (PDF)

Line scores: BC Results (PDF) | W/VE/DX Results (PDF)

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DX to watch for newest South Sandwich & South Georgia Is., VP8: Feb. 1, 2016 Tonga, A35T: Feb. 18-24, 2016 -- Neil VA7DX, Keith VE7KW and Dave VA7AM are on the DXpedition to Tonga in February, including ARRL DX CW weekend. Heard Is., VK0EK: Mar. 18-Apr. 10, 2016 Cocos Keeling, VK9CK: Mar. 14-26, 2016 Juan de Nova, FT4JA: Mar. 31-Apr. 12, 2016
Recent DX activations...
Palmyra Is., K5P: Jan. 11-26, 2016 Antipodes Is., ZL9A: January 7-11, 2016
Cezar VE3LYC joined a team activating new IOTA entity OC-286, part of an expanded ZL9 New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands DXCC entity. ZL9 is #37 on the ClubLog Most-Wanted Mixed and SSB lists.
Tuvalu T2TT & Fiji 3D2RJ : Nov. 29-Dec. 9, 2015
Orca members VE7CT, KW7XX, N7RO and W7IV were on th team.
Willis Is., VK9WA : Nov. 14-23, 2015
Team included Orca members VE7NY and VE7SZ.
Chesterfield Is., TX3X: Oct. 1-12, 2015 Chatham Is., ZL7E: Apr. 3-15, 2015 Malawi, 7QAA: Mar. 11 to Apr. 1, 2015.
The international team in Malawi included Orca members Don VE7DS, Keith VE7KW and Neil VA7DX.
Tromelin, FR/T: Oct. 30-Nov. 10, 2014. Lord Howe Is., VK9DLX: Oct. 13 to 29, 2014.

CQWW RTTY WPX Feb. 13-14 (rules).
Recent contest activity... BC QSO Party Feb. 6-7 (rules). Mexico RTTY Feb. 6-7 (rules). CQ 160M CW Jan. 29-31 (rules). BARTG RTTY Sprint Jan. 23-24 (rules). NAQP CW Jan. 9-10 (rules). NAQP SSB Jan. 16-17 (rules). ARRL RTTY Round UP Jan. 2-3 (rules). Stew Perry 160M TBDC Dec. 26 (rules). ARRL 10M Dec. 12-13 (rules). RAC Winter Dec. 19 (rules). OK DX RTTY Dec. 19 (rules). ARRL 160M Dec. 4-6 (rules). 10M RTTY Dec. 6 (rules). CQ WW CW Nov. 28-29 (rules). Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

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