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See you at the PNW DX Convention
See you this Friday! More than 180 people are registered for this weekend's convention and you're invited to join us.

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Our venue from July 25 to 27, 2014, is the Inn at the Quay in spectacular New Westminster, BC, along the Fraser River just minutes south of downtown Vancouver.

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The BC QSO Party 2014 results are in
BC hams worked the world in the 2014 BC QSO Party on February 1-2. See how everyone did this year.

2014 Contest Results

Orca Report -- June meeting
Orca Report #36 covers the June 10 meeting featuring updates on the 2014 PNW DX Convention, VA7ODX Field Day plans, a BCQP wrap-up, and more.

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Join the club!
The Orca DX and Contest Club always welcomes new members. See who has already joined!

PNW Cup update
Jim VE7FO as updated the club totals for this year's PNW Challenge Cup. There's still time to contribute to the Orca total for the 2013-2014 PNW Club Challenge. Remember, contest organizers don't give your info to the club. If you want to contribute to our club total, please review the tutorial on how to submit your scores:

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DX to watch for newest Togo, 5V7DB: September 2014. Lord Howe Is., VK9DLX: Oct. 13 to 29, 2014. Tromelin, FR/T: November 2014. Heard Is., VK0: January 2015. Tristan da Cunha, ZD9TT: Sep 15 to Oct. 6, 2015.
Recent DX activations...
Mellish Reef, VK9MT: Mar. 29 to Apr. 5, 2014. (Departed early due to weather) Chatham Is., ZL7AAA: Mar. 20 to April 1, 2014.
Orca member Sandro VE7NY was along on this one.

RSGB IOTA July 26-27 (rules). NAQP CW Aug. 2-3 (rules). Worked All Europe CW Aug. 9-10 (rules). SARTG WW RTTY Aug. 16-17 (rules).
Recent contest activity... DL-DX RTTY July 5-6 (rules). IARU HF World Championship July 12-13 (rules). DMC RTTY July 19-20 (rules). CQ WW VHF July 19-20 (rules). NAQP RTTY July 19-20 (rules). Canada Day Contest July 1 (rules). Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

Club members are encouraged to join our Orca DXCC Yahoo! Group to get the latest club info.