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Orca Report: September 2023
The latest Orca Report by Rebecca VA7BEC highlights some of the big happenings so far this year -- including the PNW DX Convention in August and the BCQP in February. Plus, we look ahead to the next contest season and review the final standings for the 2022-2034 PNW Challenge Cup.

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The 2023 Pacific Northwest DX Convention in New Westminster, BC, has drawn to a close. More than 110 DXers enjoyed talks that took us from Bouvet to Botswana to Vanuatu, and into the near (and far) future of artificial intelligence. Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to the sponsors and donors who made it a great gathering!

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2023 BC QSO Party BCQP 2023 Contest Report

Check out the very comprehensive post-contest report and final scores for the 2023 BC QSO Party. Results are provided for stations in BC, and outside BC.

2023 Report | 2023 BC Results | 2023 W/VE/DX Results

Radio and test gear for sale
Orca DXCC member Jim Smith VE7FO (sk) was a professional engineer and lifelong radio amateur. He enjoyed contesting and DXing with quality equipment. A variety of items from his estate are offered for sale to Orca members before the list goes to a wider audience.

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Tennessee QSO Party Sep. 3-4 (rules). ARRL September VHF Sep. 9-11 (rules). NA Sprint CW Sep. 10 (rules). Washington State Salmon Run Sep. 16-17 (rules). CQWW RTTY Sep. 23-24 (rules). California QSO Party (CQP) Oct. 7-8 (rules). Makrothen RTTY Oct. 12-13 (rules). JARTS WW RTTY Oct. 21-22 (rules). CQWW Phone Oct. 28-29 (rules).
Recent contest activity... Worked All Europe DX CW Aug 12-13 (rules). NAQP CW Aug 5-6 (rules). CQWW VHF July 15-16 (rules). NAQP RTTY July 15-16 (rules). IARU HF World Championship July 8-9 (rules.) Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

DX to watch for newest 9Q2WX, Congo Aug. 20-Sep. 9, 2023 W8S, Swains Is. Oct. 4-27, 2023 TX5S, Clipperton Is. Jan.-Feb. 2024 DXCC Most Wanted List ClubLog 2023
Recent DX activations...
DX0NE, Spratly Is. Apr. 30-May 9, 2023 T30UN, Tarawa, W. Kiribati Apr. 2023 Z81D, South Sudan Until Apr. 22, 2023 W8S, Swains Is. March 2023 YJ0A, Vanuatu Feb. 9-23 2023 3Y0J, Bouvet Jan.-Feb. 2023 CY0S, Sable Is. Oct.-Nov. 2022 TL8AA, Central African Republic (TL8ZZ on FT8) Nov. 2022 A25VR, Botswana (Dave VE7VR) Apr. 28-May 25, 2022